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The Writing Planner
A Printable

Struggling to find the time to write your novel? Here’s the problem: You’ve dreamed of writing a novel. Maybe you've even started one. Yet you just can’t find time to get it done. Grab Connie's FREE writing planner and detailed notes on how to get the most out of it.

Plot Your Novel
A 12-Step Checklist

Connie's FREE checklist will help you unpack the steps you need to take to write your novel. You'll learn what to do and when including--polishing your idea, creating a character arc, developing the mission and conflict, choosing a plotting structure and more.

Craft Your Novel
A Writing Course

An online video course taught by Connie Briscoe. Through four modules, 11 lessons, 12 videos, and 15 handouts and worksheets she shows you how to plot and plan your novel using the exact methods and tools she used to write several bestselling novels.

Need Help With Your Idea?

Create A Bestselling Idea For Your NoveL 
A Workbook by Connie Briscoe

* Do you feel that your idea for your novel isn't compelling enough?

* Have you been tempted to change your idea?

* Do you have trouble expressing the true essence of your story?

In How To Create A Bestselling Idea For Your Novel, Connie Briscoe will show you how to craft an idea that will keep you--and your future readers--captivated from beginning to end.

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