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I’m Connie Briscoe. I have written several novels, contributed to a novella, and co-authored a nonfiction book. My work has been published all over the world. It has hit the bestseller lists of the New York Times, USA Today,
and many other publications as well.

Here at Writers Imagine, I provide information and resources
to help other writers reach their dreams.


These character worksheets can be used to document the physical and personality traits of your characters. Includes five pages that cover more than 60 traits, including everything from eye color to family history and much more. And you can fill them in on your laptop or desktop! No need to print them first.

character creator workbook

A 27-page workbook bundle that includes worksheets, questionnaires, writing prompts, writing exercises, and more, all designed to help you create believable, captivating characters. And you can fill the pages in directly on your laptop! No need to print them out to work on them.

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Stack of novels of various lengths

The Best Novel Length by Genre

So you’re trying to determine the best length for your novel. Sooner or later, just about all writers who want to publish their books reach this point. Ideally, the response would be something clever like

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Typewriter with Plot buttons, vintage

How To Plot A Novel

One of the most crucial skills for a new author who wants to write a novel to develop is learning how to plot a novel. A plot is a means of organizing the main points

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