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An electrifying novel of domestic suspense that marks an exciting turn in Connie Briscoe’s career. A twisting, tension-filled thriller in which a hearing-impaired woman must battle her rising terror as she fights for her life.

“The thing I love about Connie Briscoe now is the same thing I've always loved about Connie Briscoe--she writes highly commercial, pacey, character-driven stories. She was made for domestic suspense.”


~ Karin Slaughter, New York Times Bestselling Author ~

About You Never Know

Alexis Roberts is home alone late at night when she's suddenly attacked. The police investigate but Alexis has few details to share—she's hard of hearing and couldn't find her cochlear implant in the darkness. Was her attacker a stranger or someone she knows—someone who may have once been close to her?

Flashback to a year earlier when Alexis meets the man of her dreams. Attentive, charming, well-off, and fluent in American Sign Language, Marcus is unlike any man she's ever known. Believing he is Mr. Right, Alexis dumps her boyfriend of more than a year and agrees to marry Marcus. But soon everything goes downhill. Her ex-boyfriend becomes insanely jealous. Her new next door neighbors behave strangely toward her. And Marcus grows chillingly aloof, no longer resembling the man who swept her off her feet. Then Alexis makes a horrifying discovery—Marcus's first wife is missing and suspected dead.

Now living in a gigantic house with no family or friends nearby, a terrified Alexis feels unsafe. She’s trapped in a dream home that has become a nightmare, unsure of the men around her. . . and what they’re capable of doing.

(HarperCollins, Amistad)



Connie Briscoe...

Has written several novels and co-authored a nonfiction book. Her work has been published all over the world and has hit the bestseller lists of the New York Times, USA Today, and many other publications.


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