Resources for Writers

The following resources are available for immediate download. Some of them are available in a printable format only. Others can be filled in directly on your laptop and printed as well. These are noted as “digital.”

Start Your Novel Icon

Ready to tame your self-doubt and get your novel off to a kick-ass start? START YOUR NOVEL  is a checklist of 12 steps that will guide you in planning a capti-vating novel. You’ll soon be writing the first chapter of your story. Printable only.


Character Worksheets.Printable Icon

Five worksheets with dozens of physical and personality traits to consider for your characters. Includes appearance, likes and dislikes, family relationships and background, occupations, interests, hobbies, and much more. Printable version.


Character Worksheets.Digital Icon

Identical to the printable version of the Character Worksheets except you can complete these directly on your laptop! Includes dozens of personality and physical traits from appearance to interests, relationships, and much more. Digital version.

**** DOWNLOAD – $3.99 ****

Idea to Concept Icon

Struggling to find the perfect idea for your novel? Or to tweak the one you have? The exercises in this workbook will help you uncover a compelling idea that oozes with the potential for conflict and drama. And you can fill in the pages on your laptop!

**** DOWNLOAD – $9.99 ****

Character Creator Icon

A 30-page workbook that includes worksheets, writing prompts, a questionnaire, writing exercises, and more to help you create well-defined, engaging characters. And you can complete the pages directly on your laptop! 

**** DOWNLOAD – $12.99 ****

Plot Your Novel

A guide for plotting your novel from Act 1 to the end using the ever-popular Three-act Structure. This structure is relatively simple, yet includes enough elements to plot a well-developed story. The workbook can be completed on your laptop.

**** DOWNLOAD – $9.99 ****

PLEASE NOTE: As these are downloads and cannot be returned, there will be no refunds. If you have problems with your download feel free to contact us at hi@writersimagine.com for support.