Before the Real Housewives of Atlanta burst onto the scene, there were THE HOUSEWIVES OF . . .


In the sprawling homes and upscale townhouses of Prince George’s County, a Washington, D.C., suburb, the lives of five women intersect–and the secrets, scandals, loves, and losses that ensue are par for the course where power, beauty, and wealth reside.

Barbara is the most influential woman in this swanky neighborhood, but she’s got her hands full–one hand is busy dealing with her husband’s wandering eye, while the other always needs a cocktail glass. 

Jolene is half of PG County’s number-two couple–and she desperately wants what she doesn’t have: namely Barbara’s husband. 

Pearl owns a hair salon and lives on the outskirts of the posh community with her son, Kenyatta. She’s not only juggling a growing business and a bad divorce, but now she has to cope with Kenyatta’s less-than-ideal girlfriend. 

Candice is white and liberal, but her daughter’s new African American love tests her beliefs–and opens a can of worms she never knew existed. 

Lee is a runaway teen, a girl whose only connection to her father is an old photo and the belief that he’s well-off and waiting for her in . . . 



About the Author

Connie Briscoe is the author of seven novels and one novella and co-author of one nonfiction book.

Her first novel, Sisters and Lovers, sold wildly all across the globe in countries such as England, France and Japan. It appeared on many bestseller lists including the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Boston Globe, USA Today, and Essence magazine. To date, more than 100,000 hardcover and 500,000 paperback copies have sold.

Her second novel, Big Girls Don’t Cry, hit many bestseller lists as well, including the New York Times.


What Publishers Weekly Is Saying About PG County

"Affluent African-Americans are the protagonists of this entertaining novel, a gossipy tell-all that goes behind the scenes of suburban life to reveal the secrets of the inhabitants of Silver Lake, an exclusive enclave of Prince George's County, a Washington, D.C., suburb. Through the eyes of five women, readers learn that even in this so-called exclusive community, residents are still fighting to be judged for who they are rather than what "class of society" they represent." 

--Publishers Weekly


What Readers Are Saying About PG County . . .

It was a fascinating read, as expected. . . .

“It was a fascinating read, as expected. After finding my first book by Connie Briscoe at the library (Big Girls Don't Cry), I knew I had to read everything she has written, so I bought this and two others before going on my last vacation. She has such insight into human nature, and writes real 'grippers' that keep you guessing as to what will happen next. In this particular story, there were lots of interesting characters to keep track of, many of whom any of us could relate to.”

--Mary Ann Crysler


So real . . . 

“Living in this area I could identify places in the book!! I was drawn into the story!! The characters were realistic and I Loved reading every page, every minute of the book. The book was fantastic and I would recommend it to those who love chasing love.”



I truly enjoyed this novel . . . 

“Being a resident of the state of Maryland, I truly enjoyed this novel. I have always heard about the uppity blacks in Prince George County, as well as the poor ghetto side of that same county. This book was both enjoyable and fact learning about the county. I certainly enjoyed the novel.”

--Joyce Powell


Good book . . .

“This book was for a church book club. Everyone in the club that read the book said it was serious, sexy, funny and real."

--Teri Ann Garcia



PG County by Connie Briscoe
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