Instagram For Authors

A large following on social media helps sell books, whether you have a publisher or self-publish. In this interview with Lakita Wilson, an aspiring author who grew her Instagram following to more than 20,000 and has attracted the attention of agents and a major publishing house, we discussed how Instagram can be a powerful tool for writers.

Lakita is a college professor and owns a child care center in Maryland. Her upcoming novel for preteens is called The Sweet Pea Girls. In our talk, we discussed:

  • How Instgram can help writers get noticed
  • The importance of creating a “fandom” for writers attempting to grow their Instagram followings
  • What writers should include on their Instagram profiles
  • How to create a visually appealing profile on Instagram
  • How long it takes to gain lots of followers and how many are needed to attract the attention of agents and publishers
  • And so much more!

The complete live interview is available on my Facebook biz page.

You can check out Lakita's Instragram profile here, which continues to grow to way more than 20,000 followers.