Plot Your Novel: A Checklist

Writing a novel is a HUGE task, with many parts to create and assemble. If you try to wing it, without plotting or planning beforehand, you will be in for a long, hard slog, with LOTS of rewriting as you try to make sense of it all. 

My 12-step checklist helps you plan your novel the RIGHT way by unpacking the steps you need to take, one by one. You'll know what to do and when including--

  • refining your idea
  • creating a character arc for your main character
  • developing the main mission and conflict
  • deciding on a plotting structure

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Create A Bestselling Idea
For Your Novel: A Workbook

  • Do you feel that your idea for your novel isn't strong enough?
  • Have you been tempted to change your idea?
  • Do you have trouble expressing the true essence of your story?

In How To Create A Bestselling Idea For Your Novel Connie Briscoe will show you how to craft an idea that will keep you--and your future readers--captivated from beginning to end.

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