Ready to create compelling, memorable characters for your novel without racking your brain–but not sure how? 

The Character Creator is a workbook bundle that includes worksheets, questionnaires, writing prompts, and writing exercises that will help you create characters who hook your readers and keep them engaged from the first page to the last.

Now only $12

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In this workbook, I’m sharing what I learned from my early days writing novels…

Through trial and error…

By getting things wrong and then finally getting them right…

By discovering reliable ways of doing things more efficiently.

Which allowed me to become the New York Times best-selling author I am today.

Thus, The Character Creator was essentially years in the making.

But you can get it and implement it right now. For YOUR novels.

Why Am I Sharing This?

Connie Briscoe

Hello. I’m Connie Briscoe and I’ve been a published author for more than 25 years. I have written seven novels, contributed to a novella, and co-authored a nonfiction book. My work has been published all around the world and has hit the best-seller lists of the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and many other publications. I’ve been featured in numerous articles and on  television programs including Good Morning America.

So much has changed in our world, yet I know that many of you still have dreams of writing a novel and perhaps making extra income. Or maybe you want the feeling of gratification that comes with seeing your words in print and having others read and enjoy them.

So I asked myself: How can I help writers and aspiring authors reach their goals and finally see their dreams come true with a completed novel that they can share with the world?

I went back to the days when I wrote my early novels and thought long and hard about what really turned things around for me. About what I finally did that helped my characters shine. The methods you’ll find in The Character Creator are the same ones I devised, after trial and error, while writing my first novel, which became a best-seller and eventually sold more than 600,000 copies worldwide. And then I used the methods to write another best-selling novel and another. 

Now I’m sharing my methods with you.

Here's What You'll Get Inside The Character Creator

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Character Worksheets: Several worksheets that cover more than 75 key details about your character’s appearance, personality, background, likes and dislikes, family, and more.

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Character Interview Questionnaire: An exercise that encourages you to dig in and become your character as you answer more than two dozen questions about his or her personality and behavior.

Writing Prompts: Prompts that explore and define your character’s history, backstory, and background in vivid detail.

Character Essence Exercise:  An exercise that helps you define your character’s feelings about herself and the world around her. This is where you get down to the essence of your character’s being.

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Character Spreadsheet: An aid that you can use to keep the most essential points about your character close at hand.

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Guidance: Detailed instructions on how to make the best use of all the worksheets, questionnaires, writing prompts, spreadsheets, and everything else.

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And You Can Fill It In On Your Computer!

You can complete the worksheets, writing prompts, and exercises directly on your laptop or desktop. No need to print them out to complete them. Any device will work as long as you can download and save the workbook.

You can work on your character, save your work, close the workbook, and come back to it later to continue. No need to print anything out (unless you want to)!

So Who Is The Character Creator For?

Fiction writers. Any and all fiction writers who create characters to move their plots forward will benefit.

Short story writers. Whether your story is long or short, The Character Creator can help you develop meaningful, compelling characters.

Other creative types. Some creative people enjoy creating characters for fun even if they don’t plan to write a novel or short story. It’s a cool way to exercise your creative muscles.

The Character Creator isn’t just any old character worksheet.
It’s so much more than that. It will show you exactly how to–

  • Create richer characters by diving into their history, backgrounds, likes and dislikes, relationships, and more.
  • Create characters who are complex and multi-dimensional by exploring all facets of their being including their inner and outer dimensions and their positive and negative traits.
  • Create more believable and realistic characters by getting you to focus on the character’s thoughts and feelings and how they are expressed so that you can bring him or her to life.
  • Create more captivating characters through exercises that help you get deep into your character’s head and explore his or her unique thoughts and feelings about themselves and the world.

All This For Just $12?

Yes! Although The Character Creator is actually worth much more.

I’ve packed a LOT into this workbook and made it available at an irresistible price
because I know it will help you reach your goal of writing a novel.

Check Out The Character Creator today…

Now only $12

(Since this is a digital download, there will be no refunds.)