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Connie Briscoe On Self-Publishing, With Author Kimberly Luttery (Video)

Whether self-publishing or working with a New York publishing house, authors must be good at self-promotion if they want to sell books.

I had an amazing chat with self-published author Kimberly Luttery on Facebook about her debut picture book for children, Grandma Had a Grandma Too. We discussed her promotion efforts and a whole lot more. (Chat begins at about the 1:00 mark, after I finish fiddling around!)

Kimberly, although self-published, managed to persuade her local Barnes and Noble to let her read and sign her book there. That's a pretty big deal! We talked about how she pulled that off, plus all about self-publishing and her beautiful new book.

To learn more about Kimberly and her book on her website, click here.

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How to MAKE Time to Write Your Novel (Video)


The biggest challenge for many writers is finding the time to write in a crazy, jam-packed day. In this brief video excerpt from a recent Q&A I did in my Facebook writing group Inspired Writers, I tell you the bare, naked truth about why I believe that setting priorities is crucial and what you MUST do if you're serious about writing a novel.

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BECOME Your Character (Video)


Do the characters in your novels seem flat? Or are they all too similar? Do you struggle with their dialogue?

If so, you're likely not digging deeply enough into their personalities. To create multi-dimensional characters who will keep your readers turning the pages, you have to get down to the nitty-gritty, you have to get to know them inside and out.

In this video, I talk all about how I create the characters for my bestselling novels, including how I become my characters when I'm working on a novel.