Let Your Creative Room Decor Free Your Imagination

Where would you rather get creative? Where would you prefer to write a book or design a brochure? Where would you feel more at ease and thus get more done? Here, above? Which is probably closer to what many of our workspaces look like most of the time.

Or here? Which takes a little more time and effort to maintain.

No doubt some artsy types will choose the first look above, clutter and all. But for me creating always, always starts with a space that looks much more like photo number 2. My creative room might not look this way when I’m done spreading notebooks, paper, books and pens all around but things definitely start out that way.

I need my workspace to be free of clutter and chaos to get those little organisms in my brain to start functioning the way I want. Otherwise, I can’t get my imagination going so it can roam freely.  Forget any kind of creativity. My brain will feel blocked, stuck, with every object in the jumbled mess on my desk posing a dead end. It feels a little like being stuck in traffic—obstacle, stop, go, obstacle, stop, go. Until the obstacles (traffic) clear out and the road ahead opens up. And then, wheee! My imagination is finally free to soar.

I figure most artists and creators work best in a free and uncluttered creative room. That doesn’t mean the space needs to be void of anything of interest. Ideally the creative space would be tailored to the artist’s or writer's needs. Some creators will seek a quiet, secluded place to focus on their art or craft; others will thrive in an energized atmosphere, sometimes even filled with other creatives.

Writers may prefer a desk near natural sunlight or a comfortable chair near the fireplace. Painters might need plenty of wall space and an abundance of natural light. Musicians will require access to instruments and equipment. Sculptors will need materials like clay and stone. And photographers will require a place for their gadgets and tools like cameras and lighting.

There are so many creative and unique ways to decorate a creative room or space. Colorful pillows, stylish lamps, art on the wall, and rugs can all be used to create a desirable and inviting atmosphere that is visually appealing and comfortable and functions well for the artist. What’s important is to create a space that you’ll want to return to again and again.

I like to have lots of books and memorable knickknacks around for comfort and inspiration. I also enjoy having special artwork on the walls. And photos of family members on my desk remind me why I wanted to write in the first place. Aromatherapy diffusers and candles help me get in the right mood to work and they add a pleasant, soothing scent to the atmosphere.

Setting up and designing your creative room doesn't have to get pricey. It's all about striking the right balance between what you love, what makes you feel good, and what you need to release your imagination so you can create pleasing work without any distractions or limitations imposed by the world outside you.