10 Resources For LitMag Writers

Literary magazines–or litmags as they're often called–have been around for centuries. And now that they have gone digital they're more widespread than ever before.

Did you know that getting your work published in literary magazines will make you more appealing to literary agents and publishers?

Or that some literary agents look through the pages of litmags in search of new talent?

Or that sometimes writers don't even realize that their style of writing is what literary magazines are looking for.

If you didn't, that's OK. I've got you covered.

Resources for Writers

Grab my free guide to dozens of literary magazines online: 10 Resources for LitMag Authors and Aspiring Authors.

And on Facebook I discussed “All Things LitMag” with Rachel Thompson, published author and former managing editor of the literary magazine Room. Her book of poetry, Galaxy (Anvil Press, 2011), won the SFU First Book Competition.

In the Facebook live interview Rachel discusses and answers questions on how to tell if your writing is appropriate for literary magazines, what the editors of literary magazines are looking for and a whole lot more. The complete interview can be found on my Facebook biz page, Connie Briscoe, Author.